Panasonic launches anti-vibration capacitor

Osaka: Consumer electronics leader Panasonic on Tuesday announced that it has commercialized a surface-mounted conductive-polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitor.

Suitable for use in power circuits for automotive electric control units (ECUs) employed in hybrid electric vehicles, electric vehicles, and gasoline-powered vehicles, the capacitor has Panasonic’s unique auxiliary terminal structure that offers reliable soldering properties.

With the growing demand for eco-friendly cars, energy efficiency and the need to comply with environmental regulation, more ECUs are being employed in cars. Mechanical and electrical in-vehicle components are also becoming integrated.

This trend has created a need for more compact ECUs combined with better resistance to vibration.

The capacitors employed to stabilize the voltage of a power circuit for the ECU and eliminate electronic noise are therefore increasingly required to be smaller in size and to show better anti-vibration performance.

Panasonic has launched the industry’s first surface-mounted conductive polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitor which is only 6.3 mm in diameter and achieves resistivity of 30G high vibration acceleration.

The company will launch the capacitor in January 2018. (ANI)