Palestinians rally to watch Abbas’ speech at UN assembly

Ramallah: Dozens of Palestinians rallied on Thursday night around a large screen in the city centre of the West Bank’s Ramallah to watch the speech of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the UN General Assembly.

Laila Ghannam, governor of Ramallah, said Abbas’ speech has delivered a message that the Palestinians want peace, but not in the way the Americans and Israelis have defined.

“The message is delivered: Jerusalem is ours and there cannot be a solution without the refugees,” she said.

The United States and Israel “always escape their obligations and impose what they want on our people,” Ghannam added.

In his speech, Abbas called on the US government to rescind its decision on Jerusalem and Palestinian refugees in order to salvage the prospects for peace.

He also called on Israel to honour all the agreements signed with the Palestinians.

“Otherwise, the Palestinians will not abide by them anymore,” Abbas warned.

The Palestinians has been boycotting the United States since December 6, 2018 when Trump declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, especially after May 14, the day the US embassy to Israel was moved to the disputed holy city.