Palestinians encounter snakes, scorpions in Israeli prisons – Other shocking details revealed

Hyderabad: Human Rights Organizations working for the Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails have made eye-opening exposures highlighting the unhygienic conditions of Israeli prisons. These jails have turned into the abodes of snakes and scorpions which are painful for the Palestinian prisoners.

A news release issued by Prisoners’ Study Center revealed that almost all the prisons of Israel are unhygienic. As a result of which, most of the Palestinian prisoners are becoming the victims of epidemic diseases.

Director of Palestine Center, Rafat Hamduna informed that Israeli Jailors are using these jails as the instruments for punishing Palestinian prisoners. In these prisons, snakes, poisonous scorpions and cockroaches have become common.

Mr. Hamduna told that it looks as if Israeli jailors are nourishing these poisonous creatures under a well thought over plan to punish the Palestinians.

–Siasat News