Palestinian Down syndrome sufferer alleges abuse by Israeli troops

Hebron [Palestine]: A Palestinian man with Down syndrome has accused the Israeli troops of assaulting him in Hebron city of Palestine.

The Anadolu Agency quoted the young man, Mohamed al-Tawil, as saying, “A soldier handcuffed me and took me to the Al-Debwaya police station.”

He was detained for an hour at complex in central Hebron on Sunday, where he was allegedly beaten up by the Israeli troops.

“They beat me there and then left me,” he said.

Khedir, father of Al-Tewil, said despite his medical condition, he was known for wandering the streets of the city.

“He is well-known among the residents of Al-Khalil [Hebron] and among most of the Israeli soldiers in the Old City,” he said.

“Despite the army’s awareness of his condition, they nevertheless detained and beat him,” he added.

Khedir has urged the human rights group to intervene in this regard.

People across the world have condemned al-Tewil’s mistreatment as the pictures of his arrest were widely shared on the social media. (ANI)