Palestinian legislators protest against US Vice President in Israeli parliament; bundled out

Palestinian Knesset members strongly protested against American Vice President Mike Pence during his addressing in Israeli Parliament. After meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu the American Vice President reached Israeli parliament to address, where over one dozen legislators, who represent Palestinians living inside Israel’s pre-1967 borders, stood at the start of Pence’s address and held up signs with the slogan “Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine”. They also shouted slogans against Pence.

During his speech when Mike Pence told about shifting of their embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, the Arab members of Knesset stood up and raised slogans. When the protest intensified the Arab MPs were forcibly removed from the Israeli parliament with the help of security staff.

It must be noted that 13 Arab legislators had already boycotted the address of American Vice President. Earlier Knesset members in a joint statement had told that US Vice President‘s address was unacceptable. Mike Pence informed that US will move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem in 2019.