Pakistan’s envoy Mansoor Ahmad Khan warns of deploying militias against Taliban

Kabul: Pakistan’s Ambassador to Kabul, Mansoor Ahmad Khan, on Saturday warned that deployment of militias against Taliban could make things worse in Afghanistan.

As per Geo News, on Friday, veteran warlord Ismail Khan — whose forces helped topple the Taliban in 2001 — vowed to back government forces fighting against the group.

Ismail Khan, former Mujahideen leader and senior member of Jamaat-e-Islami party urged party members to rise up in arms as Taliban continued to make advances in parts of the country and closed in on his Herat stronghold in the west.

The Taliban have launched a blistering offensive across Afghanistan since early May, capturing a vast swath of the country as US forces leave the country after 20 years.

With the group claiming to control 85 per cent of the country, several warlords have started mobilising fighters to defend their territory and back government forces against the Taliban, reported Geo News.

But Pakistan’s envoy, Mansoor Ahmad Khan, warned that this could make things worse.

Khan said more international cooperation was needed in support of President Ashraf Ghani’s government, which he said was a “legitimate government at the moment in Afghanistan”.

“Therefore all the countries, the international community, have to extend all possible support to Afghanistan in dealing with the security challenges,” Khan said.

He also expressed concern that a worsening situation in Afghanistan could trigger a fresh wave of refugees crossing into Pakistan, reported Geo News.

Tolo News also reported that the Taliban has captured at least eight more districts in Herat province including Islam Qala and Torghundi border towns.

Abdul Latif, a resident from Herat province expressed that “The Taliban will see worse treatment from the public. If they insisted on fighting, we will take weapons, if they offer the hand of friendship, we will show similar gesture”.

There is a fear of full-blown civil war as the Taliban stepped forward and took control of several districts in the country, while Afghan forces are retaliating and launching a counter-offensive against the Taliban.

This comes amid the withdrawal of foreign forces from the war-torn country.