Pakistani youth lands in jail for writing ‘Hindustan Zindabad’

Islamabad: Expressing love for the word Hindustan, a Pakistani youth was arrested by police in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

Seeing “Hindustan Zindabad” written on the wall of a house in the Nara Amazai area of Haripur infuriated the local community, the daily Express news reported on Monday.

According to police, Sajid Shah had been booked for treason under section 505 of the Pakistani Penal Code. A police officer said that Shah had written Hindustan Zindabad on the outer wall of his home in Nara Amazi.

People told him to remove the slogan as it hurt their national pride, the SHO said. Some people took pictures of the wall and emailed them to senior police officials.

“We have booked the young man on orders from the high-ups”, he said, refusing to comment further.

Hindustan — the Persian name for South Asia — now commonly being refered as India after partition in 1947.