Pakistani prisoner returns from India after 11 years

Islamabad: A Pakistani man who mistakenly crossed into India in 2007 and was caught by the Border Security Force (BSF) has returned home after 11 years in detention, a media report said on Sunday.

Muhammad Yaseen, 45, received a warm welcome upon his arrival at his village of Chaahal in Punjab province on Saturday, Dawn news reported.

Yaseen spoke about the “miserable condition” he and other prisoners, especially Pakistanis, faced in Indian jails, the report said.

“I thank Allah Almighty that I have reached back home safely after spending 11 years of my life in an Indian jail,” he said.

Meanwhile, the BSF on Saturday handed back an aged Pakistani national to the Punjab Rangers as a goodwill gesture, reports Dawn news.

According to Punjab Rangers, 75-year-old Sain Khan had mistakenly entered Indian territory
on June 22.