Pakistani police arrest Nine for flogging transgender person in Sialkot

Islamabad: Sialkot police have arrested nine suspects on Monday in connection with the flogging of one of the transgender women.

One of the members of a criminal gang Jajja Butt of Tinda Group was also arrested after a video of a transgender person was posted on social media which was shared thousands of times.

In the video Jajja Butt, is seen in the flogging the transgender person, who lay face down on a cot screaming in pain.

At one point, while another gang member continues the flogging, Butt places his foot on the victim’s neck and twists his arms.

A women identified as Jolie who was present at the crime scene said the gang members dragged them all out after flogging the victim and took them to another transgender woman’s house.

She said the gang members barged into a house where several transgender women were living, beating and torturing one of them for several hours and shaving the heads of others.

She alleged that the men forced them to drink their urine, raped them and beat them up with shoes.

According to the reports Jajja mercilessly thrashed the victim for organizing a function without his permission. Tinda Group has forbidden the transgender community to do any function without its permission.

Police chief Abid Khan said “five of those arrested have been charged with torture and extortion, while the other five are under investigation.”

Jajja who was the victim’s friend said in an interview conducted while he was in police custody that.”I was punishing him because he didn’t refrain from his bad habits, which I pointed out to him several times.”