Pakistani father pardons 10 Indians for murdering his son

KARACHI: The family of a Pakistani man, allegedly murdered by 10 Indians in Abu Dhabi in 2015, has pardoned the convicts facing death sentence.

The father of the victim, Mohammad Farhan, appeared in the Al Ain Appeals Court and submitted a letter of consent to pardon the Indians, an Indian Embassy official told the Gulf News.

On behalf of the accused, an Indian charity deposited the blood money (diya) in the court and the case has been adjourned for further hearing on April 12, said Dinesh Kumar, an official at the embassy in Abu Dhabi.

“It is expected that the court may commute the death sentence,” he said.

According to report, the all 10 from Punjab, were convicted in October 2016 for killing Farhan of Peshawar during a brawl in 2015 over bootlegging in Al Ain city. In December last year, a UAE court sentenced all Indian men-to death.

The blood money as compensation to the victim’s family was arranged by Dubai-based Indian businessman SPS Oberoi, chairman of Sarbat Da Bhala Charitable Trust.

Oberoi said his Pakistani manager travelled to Peshawar and spoke to the family and their relatives to secure the pardon.

Muhammad Riaz, the father of the deceased said he did not want 10 other Indian families to face the same tragic fate.

“It’s true that Riaz has decided to forgive them. It was a painful decision. However, he has made the final decision,” a member of Riaz’s family told MAIL TODAY.

All the convicted young Indian men were from poor families and worked in the UAE’s Al Ain city as plumbers, electricians, carpenters and masons, said the report.

Most were in their 20s and had paid huge sums to recruitment agents in India to secure a visa to reach the United Arab Emirates.