This Pakistani ad is all you need to watch as you wrap up your day

When the love of a mother is mentioned, anyone can become full of emotions. One of its kind, a Pakistani ad on social media is winning the hearts of many.

The commercial of a cupcake brand, CakeUp, weaves the relation of a son and his mother so affectionately, that you can’t resist but to watch it on the repeat mode. The ad is shared on Facebook by Peek Freans Cake Up, and has been captioned with: “Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. Real moments form real relationships.”

The ad has got over 10 million views so far, with over 2,40,000 reactions and 64,110 shares on the social media giant. While on YouTube, it has got around 2.3 million views.

There have been commercials in the past as well portraying love, simplicity in small things. Here is a throwback to one of the classics of all times.