Pakistan resorts to sinister tactics to target Indian troops

Samba: Pakistan Army and Rangers are now resorting to sinister tactics to deceive the Indian surveillance measures of the Border Security Force (BSF) and the Armed Forces, here.

It has come out that the Pakistani rangers and the Army along the International Borders (IB) and the Line of Control (LoC) have changed their tactics to not only hoodwink the Indian border surveillance measures but also to target the Indian security forces.

The Pakistani troops have started using the thermal camouflage suits/clothing. This clothing suppresses the heat and keeps it trapped inside the suit, thus decreasing the heat signature of the troop.

ANI has an exclusive video which shows this.

It is to be noted that Indian Army uses the Hand Held Thermal Imagers (HHTI) to keep an eye on the movement of the inimical forces. Therefore, it becomes difficult for the Indian troop to observe the presence of the enemy closely, and thus vulnerability of getting hit by them rises.

This was found out when recently the BSF troops were targeted by the Pakistan side, which led to the killing of two BSF jawans.

The recent movement and targetting from the Pakistan side, when observed closely, has revealed that the pro-active actions of the BSF have forced the enemy to change its tactics.

The sources have revealed that there is a possibility of the Special Service Group (SSG) of Pakistan also using similar sinister tactics. (ANI)