Pakistan pleaded with us to stop ‘powerful response’: Parrikar

Panaji: India’s response to “cowardly attacks” from Pakistan was so powerful that the Indian armed forces were called by their Pakistani counterparts some days back, pleading that India should halt its response, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said.

“There is no doubt that the army is gallant, but for the first time, the country’s political leadership took a strong policy decision. And after that too, we have given an appropriate response to other cowardly attacks. It was such a powerful response that some days back, finally they called us that please stop this we are pleading with you. We said that we have no problem stopping it, but you stop it too. As a result, there is no firing on the border,” Parrikar told a poll rally here.

While saying that the Indian Army was gallant, Parrikar also said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s second “act of valour” on black money had made black money, terror funding, fake notes and drug money disappear.

Parrikar’s comments come even as three Indian soldiers were killed and one beheaded earlier this week by Pakistan’s Border Action Team (BAT). Pakistan has in turn alleged that Indian forces have killed several civilians and Pakistani soldiers on the border.