Pakistan national who claimed to be an ISI agent, may be mentally unstable: Intelligence sources

New Delhi: A man named Ahmed Mohammed who arrived on a Dubai-Kathmandu Air India flight with a stop over at Delhi airport, reached the airport staff and claimed himself an ISI agent. He was then taken to a secure place and interrogated.

Intelligence sources, on Saturday, said that he may be mentally unstable after a detailed interrogation, reported HT.

“So far, from the interrogation, we could find nothing substantial that validates his claim. Prima facie it seems he suffers from a personality disorder,” an Intelligence Bureau official said.

Ahmed had a Pakistani passport revealing his address and date of birth. The 39-year-old is a resident of Faisalabad. Indian intelligence with the help of other agencies is still trying to know more about his identity and claim. He is currently in the custody of IB’s counter-espionage group at a secure place.

Two officials said that there is no such precedence of a Pakistan national claiming to be an ISI agent within the country. However, there have been such incidences abroad.

A senior R&AW official said, “Normally in the intelligence world, we look for his utility and once his bona fides is established, we offer him a new identity, citizenship and security.”

Since he has not done any crimes in India nor he surpassed any laws. He had a valid transit visa, the government is left with two options: either deport him to Dubai, where he came from or inform the Pakistani high commission in Delhi to give him consular access.

He will be under interrogation for now and a call will be taken on Monday. Sources said that he has told the officials that he worked for Pakistan but now he wants to work for India.

There are frequent cases of arrests of spies from India as well as Pakistan, but this scenario is rare. Where a spy claims that he does not want to work anymore for his country. Meanwhile, a former naval officer was sentenced to death by Pakistan military court but India had denied any such allegations.