Pakistan misusing US fund to promote terrorism, reveals ex-Afghan spy

Kabul: A former Afghanistan spy has disclosed classified documents, which reveal that the money provided by the United States Government to the Pakistan military for fighting terrorism is being spent by the country’s intelligence agency, ISI, for promoting and supporting terrorism.

According to documents released by Rahmatullah Nabil, former chief of Afghan Spy Agency, the National Directorate of Security (NDS), Islamabad “strikes only those insurgents who threatens its interests”.

According to Tolonews, Nabil has claimed that the ISI systematically supports terrorist groups, while pointing out that Pakistan has for long been funding terrorist organisations, particularly the Haqqani network.

According to one of the documents leaked by Nabil, an “official letter dated July 2014 from the central office of the ISI in Islamabad was sent to MI-422 office in Swaba and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, in which it directed the office to thank that the people that succeeded in plotting the attack on Kabul Airport (now Hamid Karzai International Airport) and gave 2.5 million Pakistani rupees to every one of the following: Haji Khalil Haqqani, Haji Hakim Woluswal, Qari Zahir Shah and Mawlawi Hakim. Moreover, the office was directed to donate 1.5 million Pakistani rupees to the families of those that were involved in the attack.”

Reportedly, insurgents had attacked the Kabul International Airport a day before this letter was issued.

According to another document, the ISI 945 office in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in an official note dated April 6, 2015 to the central office in Islamabad wrote, “Officials of 945 office, in a meeting with Toryalai, the head of the network and his co-fighters on April 5, 2015, were tasked to kidnapped and kill Afghanistan’s Shia leaders in Herat, Kabul and Farah. In addition, they gave 2 million Pakistani rupees to the participant in that meeting.”

In the note, it was mentioned that 23 people from Toryalai’s group, who were busy with military training in Cherat, had completed their training.

According to another document from regional office in Peshawar to central command center in Rawalpindi, a Pakistani colonel wrote, “I want to inform you that a meeting was held between Hafiz Gul Bahaduri of Hafiz Gul Bahadur Group with the commander of Afghan Taliban Maulavi Hamdullah. The main purpose of the meeting was to provide rented houses to leaders of Afghan Taliban in Hayat Abad and Tahkal of Peshawar who have been deployed from remote regions of Miran Shah. In addition, armored vehicles and guards should be provided to secure their lives and activities.”

According to Nabil, thousands of Madrasas in Pakistan are only involved in brain-washing, terrorism and extremism. (ANI)