Pakistan to launch global campaign seeking ban on Shiv Sena

While the Shiv Sena in Maharashtra continues to target Pakistani nationalists in every possible way, now Pakistan has decided to launch a worldwide campaign to get India’s Shiv Sena declared as a terrorist outfit.

“Will take up the matter with the world”, said a senior foreign ministry official in Pakistan adding Shiv Sena has crossed ‘all the limits’ and Pakistan will take its case to the world.

“They have been disgracing our leaders, our country and our artists. They have been attempting to crush the Muslims in India itself. This needs world attention. If outfits in Pakistan can be banned for terrorism, why not those in India,” he told The Nation.

Calling Shiv Sena as a terror group, Pakistan People’s Party blamed Shiv Sena for the 1970 communal violence, 1984 Bhiwandi riots, and violence in the 1992-1993 Bombay riots.

The Pakistan People’s Party has also moved the parliament to protest against the Shiv Sena’s highhandedness. The party has submitted a resolution in Parliament seeking to declare Shiva Sena an international terrorist outfit.