Pakistan hacks IIT-Delhi and AMU websites

New Delhi: Pakistan is back, this time with the help of professionals, who hacked website of IIT Delhi and AMU to convey their messages to Indian Government, PTI reported.

The hacker group code named “PHC Pakistani l33t w4s h3r3” hacked the IIT Delhi website ( on Tuesday abusing Indian government and the Indian Armed army on the landing pages of the website.

“Greetings Government of India, and the people of India 🙂 the hackers said, adding “this hack is in response to Code-Man’s hack of and in the solidarity of innocent Kashmiri People being killed by Indian Army!”

The hacker group said they did not steal or deleted any data of IIT Delhi but wanted to convey the message to “government and the people of India”. “Kashmir will be Pakistan,” the hackers wrote on the website, which was restored by IIT-Delhi after a gap of several minutes. The website of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) was also hacked and showed pro-Pakistan slogans.

This is the first instance of the Pakistani hackers, doing such an activity with the websites of the leading institutes of India.