Pakistan: Groom wears golden tie, shoe, video goes viral

Lahore:  In a wedding ceremony which was celebrated in Pakistan, groom wore tie and shoe made of gold. The cost of the gold is around Pakistani Rs. 25 lakh. After the wedding ceremony, photos went viral on the social media.

According to the report published in Indian Express, in Lahore, a groom wore suit worth Pakistani Rs. 63000 in his Valima function. He also wore a golden tie which is made of 10 tolas gold costing nearly Pakistani Rs. 5 lakh.

YouTube video

He did not stop at suit, in order to match his garment , he wore a shoe made of 32 tolas gold which costs around Pakistani Rs. 17 lakh.

It may be mentioned that the name of the man is Hafiz Salman Shahid. He is reportedly a businessman.