Pakistan factory collapse, Teenager found alive after 50 hours

Lahore, Pakistan : The four-storey Rajput Polyester polythene bag factory collapsed near Lahore on Wednesday evening.

At least 37 bodies have been recovered from the wreckage. Nearly150 people were working in the factory at the time of the accident, and its not yet clear how many are still trapped.

The teenager Muhammad Shahid had been trapped for more than two days after the collapse his family, thought  him dead, and buried another recovered body  believing to be his.

The top administration official in Lahore Muhammad Usman said. “An 18-year-old Muhammad Shahid was also evacuated alive 50 hours after the building collapsed by the blessing of God.”

The discovery of shahid encouraged the workers. They all chanted “Allah-O-Akbar (God is great)”and started searching from the rubble of a collapsed factory.

Similar incidents took place in the  same city in past few years.In 2012, 255 workers were killed when a clothing factory met with a fire in Karachi. It was one of the deadliest incident in Pakistan history.

Again 24 people died when a mosque got collapsed. In 2014 more than 200 people lost their lives, due to roofs collapse in flooding.

The labour minister Raja Ashfaq Sarwar said  an enquiry into the collapse will be conducted and the reports will be submitted with in two weeks.