Pakistan to execute disabled man in its 300th execution in under a year

Karachi: Pakistan will execute a paraplegic who developed tubercular (TB) meningitis while on death row tomorrow which will constitute as the country’s 300th hanging in less than one year.

According to the Dawn, Abdul Basit was convicted of murder in 2009 and his hanging has already been postponed several times after rights groups raised concerns about how a wheelchair-bound man would mount the scaffold.

Amnesty International criticised Islamabad on Tuesday for “shamefully sealing its place among the world’s worst executioners.”

The organisation said that it has recorded 299 executions since the death penalty was controversially reinstated following a Taliban mass killing at a school in Peshawar last year that was the country’s deadliest ever extremist attack.

Forty-five people were executed in October alone, Amnesty said, making it the deadliest month since the moratorium was lifted. (ANI)