Pakistan doesn’t need another military intervention: Daily

Islamabad: Pakistan does not need another military intervention as it has seen far too many of them and has suffered as a result, said a Pakistani daily on Thursday.

An editorial “The democratic dream” in the News International said that a debate in the Senate held to mark the International Day of Democracy has highlighted once more how difficult it can be to sustain democratic practices in our country.

Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani has said that tensions between the civilian government and the military were growing once again.

The daily said that “the time is right to speak about the role of the military and that of the civilian leadership in our political sphere”.

“We have before us a familiar situation. The feeling that the military is stepping into areas from which it should stay out is obviously strong. Yet it is also true that the political parties themselves leave the ground open for them to walk into,” it said.

The daily noted: “It is important the parties themselves undertake accountability and other measures that can prevent the military from having to do so.”

“We certainly do not need another military intervention in a country that has seen far too many of them, and has suffered as a result,” it said, adding: “…all political parties should ask what they are doing, or what they have done before, to change this order of events and whether they have met with the success that we badly need to maintain equilibrium.”