Pakistan denies reports of US aircraft entering its territory

Islamabad: The Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan on Thursday denied reports that any US military aircraft entered Pakistan airspace.

“Relevant departments have informed me that no aircraft entered Pakistan’s limits. In our record, no airplane has crossed our airspace,” said the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) spokesperson Ismail Khoso, the Daily Times reported.

On Wednesday, ARY news reported that an aircraft from Muscat was heading towards Karachi. The pilot was asked about the permission and the code to which he didn’t answer. The air traffic controller warned the aircraft after which it moved out of its territory.

The Aviation Division Senior Joint Secretary and spokesperson Abdul Sattar Khokhar said Muscat authorities informed Pakistan on November 18 at 9.15 a.m. that an aircraft was flying towards Pakistan airspace.

“However, the plane did not enter our airspace and remained in international airspace. The authorities contacted the airplane for identification, but it did not respond either,” he added.

Khosa said there are air spaces of other countries besides Pakistan about which the CAA could not say anything. We must have noticed any aircraft if it had entered Pakistan’s limits, he added.