Pakistan cracks down on Kashmiri protestors in PoK

Kotli [Pakistan-occupied Kashmir]: Dozens of people were severely injured in Kotli town of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) after police baton-charged demonstrators who were carrying out a peaceful rally. The demonstrators were demanding their due share of rights, which they have been deprived of under Islamabad’s more than seven-decade misrule in the region.

In order to disperse the huge number the protesters who had managed to gather, police also lobbed tear gas shells which exacerbated the damage.

Pictures, which later surfaced on the public domain, are testimony to law enforcement agencies’ barbarity on the people of the region. Security forces have been given a free hand by Islamabad to perpetrate brutalities on the Kashmiri people.

It wasn’t an exclusive example of Pakistan’s brutalities on people of PoK.

The authorities of Pakistan, who have always meted out a novercal treatment to the citizens of the region, exercise extreme high handedness whenever they sense a voice of dissent emerging from the region. However, an anti-establishment rage has been mounting amongst the people against the autocratic authorities of Pakistan.

An array of protests has erupted across PoK of late which is slowly shaping up into a rebellion. With a new political disposition in Islamabad, which has allegedly been brought to power with the help of the Army, the law and order situation in PoK is deteriorating.