‘Pak suppressing voices of Sindhi, Baloch via social media’

Balochistan: Sindhi political activist Shafi Muhammad Burfat, the chairman of the Jiyea Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSSM), on Wednesday accused Pakistan of suppressing political voices by banning all social media accounts of Sindhi and Baloch national independence movements.

“From banning the social media accounts related to JSMM and other organisations, it is apparent that the Pakistani state is afraid of political voices and the national narrative of the Sindhi and Baloch,” Burfat said.

The Sindhi political activist emphasised that it is alarming as Pakistan is conspiring to carry out atrocities on the Sindh and Baloch people in the near future.

“We want to inform the entire world that this ruthless ban on freedom of expression is just an alarm that this rogue theocratic Pakistani state is conspiring to repeat its infamous state torture, barbarism and brutality to genocide the righteous voices in Sindh and Balochistan in near future,” he said.

Burfat appealed the intentional community to take an immediate action against Pakistan’s bid to suppress the political voices of Sindhi and Baloch.

“Consider this move to be an open attack on the right to freedom of expression and thought of oppressed subjugated Sindhi, Baloch and Pahstun, we appeal international community to take an immediate notice of this shameless Pakistani effort to suppress the secular political voices of oppressed Sindhi and Baloch nations,” Burfat said.

In October, the Pakistan government had approached Facebook to shut down the pages related to the Baloch freedom movement, terming them as anti-Pakistan.

“Pakistani authorities have also corresponded with Facebook authorities to remove the accounts and pages of the secular political movements that affront the state atrocities against oppressed nations chained within the forced and illegitimate federation of Pakistan,” the Baloch leader said.

Burfat stated that Pakistan has banned the secular Sindhi and Baloch political organisations, so that it can facilitate religious extremism in the region and provide safe havens to Jihadi Terrorists.

“Pakistani state has imposed ban on secular Sindhi and Baloch political organizations to facilitate religious extremism in Sindh and Balochistan and provide safe havens to Jihadi Terrorists and now they have banned the secularist social media activism to depoliticise the entire secular societies,” the Baloch leader said.

He mentioned that Sindhi and Baloch societies are being deliberately culturally engineered to embody radical divisions on the basis of communalism, religious fundamentalism, feudalist racism and ethnicism. (ANI)