Pak student stabbed prof to death over “anti-Islam” remarks

ISLAMABAD: A Pakistani student was arrested Wednesday after stabbing his professor to death for organising a mixed-gender reception at a government college, police said.

Associate professor Khalid Hameed was killed Wednesday on the campus of Sadiq Egerton College in the southern city of Bahawalpur, a local police official told AFP.

“The professor had organised a gender mix reception for the new students and the event was supposed to take place tomorrow, on Thursday,” he said.

‘Against Islam’

According to the report registered with the police, a copy of which was seen by AFP, the student had shouted that he killed the professor because he was “spreading obscenity” and take “law into his own hands as the government is not implementing blasphemous law and was “freeing the blasphemers (gustaakhon).”

“He (the professor) used to bark a lot against Islam. He would say a lot of things against Islam every day. It is good that he is now dead. I’m content and thanks to Allah that the professor is dead now,” says Hussain, aged around 20 in a video confession.

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“The gender mix reception is against the teachings of Islam and I had warned him to stop it,” he was quoted as saying in the report filed with the police.

The killer was waiting for him

The professor’s son Waleed Khan, who was with him at the time of the incident, said the student was waiting for his father.

“As my father was about to step into his office, the guy attacked him with a knife, hitting him at his head and stomach,” he told AFP.

“My father then fell down and I rushed to him, the student held his knife and started shouting ‘I have killed him, I had told him that a gender mix reception is against Islam’,” he said.

“We took him to hospital, but he had already died,” he said.He said the student dropped his knife and the guards arrested him.

The professor’s on lashes out at the government saying, “He was [an] employee of the Government of Pakistan, the event happened in the premises of [a] government college … but there has been no word from the government on this regarding protection and implementation,” the son said.

“I want to ask you this; this has happened before and continues to happen but until when? How many more lives?”


Mixed-gender events are not uncommon in Pakistan’s educational institutions but they come with more restrictions in government-owned colleges than in private ones.

Recently, a government university in Punjab issued a dress code barring female students from wearing tops with a deep neckline, sleeveless shirts, tights, skinny jeans or capri pants.

In many government universities there is a restriction on students sitting as “couples” and “inappropriate” interaction between male and female students.

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