Pak seeks U.S. support on Indus Waters Treaty

Islamabad [Pakistan]: Pakistan has sought the support of United States on the implementation of the Indus Waters Treaty (IWT) with India.
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry had a telephone conversation with Pakistan Finance Minister Ishaq Dar on Thursday.

Kerry said that the World Bank President had recently informed him about Pakistan’s complaint against India on the subject of Indus Waters Treaty.

Kerry urged for an amicable solution of the dispute between the two countries.

“The U.S. would like to see an amicable solution to this issue,” he was quoted as saying.

Dar said that the Indus Waters Treaty is an international commitment and it is the responsibility of the World Bank to make sure that India honours this treaty and the water rights of hundreds of millions of people of Pakistan are protected.

He said that the Court of Arbitration is a legal requirement and appointment of the Chairman of the Court of Arbitration must be fulfilled by the World Bank.

Dar said that the World Bank President had been in touch with him in writing and also on telephone during the current month.

He indicated that Washington’s support on the principles and legal position of Pakistan would be greatly appreciated.

Kerry also appreciated the improvement in the economic indicators of Pakistan and congratulated Dar on the economic recovery brought about by Islamabd.

Dar said that the government after having achieved macro-economic stability is now focused on achieving higher sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

Kerry also recalled his association with Senator Ishaq Dar went back to the days when he was Leader of Opposition in the Pakistan Senate.

The Finance Minister also warmly acknowledged his association with Secretary Kerry. (ANI)