If Pak refuses to try Pathankot attackers, they must be prosecuted at the Hague: Edward Royce

Washington (U.S.): Calling for closer anti-terrorist cooperation to combat terrorism, the Chairman of the U.S. House Committee, Edward Royce, on Wednesday said that the attackers of Pathankot terror attacks must be brought to justice, and added that if they were not being prosecuted by Islamabad, then the International Court of Justice at The Hague must step in and do the needful.

Royce told ANI that it is important to send a strong message to all radical groups across the globe that all nations stand united in their opposition to terrorism.

“The attackers of the Pathankot terror attack must be brought to justice. That is the role of the International community to work together to make certain that justice happens and if they are not going to be tried in Islamabad, the terrorists need to be taken to the Hague and charged with crimes against humanity. Because we must send the message that we are united in our opposition to terrorist attacks,” said Royce.

“I think we need much closer anti-terrorist cooperation. We’ve stayed in Mumbai in the Taj, right after that attack I travelled to India to talk to authorities, about how could we create more cooperation. At the same time we were trying to put pressure on the civilian government in Pakistan explaining to them that they are next if these terrorist continue to expand and carry out these attacks and that we need their cooperation in bringing these individuals to justice,” he added.

Royce further asserted that the international community needs to build pressure and device new methods to break the backs of terrorist organisations.

“The international community needs to build pressure. We need to work more closely with counter terror cooperation. We need to device new methodology for being able to break the back of the Haqqani network and some of these other terrorist organisations,” said Royce. (ANI)