Pak PM Nawaz Sharif: Loyal towards nation, refused $5 billion offer from Bill Clinton

Islamabad: Pakistan Prime Minister while addressing a political gathering on Wednesday in Punjab said had he not been loyal to the nation he would have gladly accepted the $5 billion offer by former US President Bill Clinton for not carrying out nuclear tests back in 1998.

“I would have taken $5 billion from the US for not carrying out nuclear tests if I were not loyal to the country” told PM Nawaz in the gathering in Sialkot.

The Pakistan Supreme Court found PM Nawaz and his children, guilty of perjury, forgery, concealing of documents, during his tenure as PM, following a probe after the Panama Paper leaks which revealed PM’s offshore assets, companies, and properties that have been not declared by the PM.

PM Nawaz is now facing charges for the above and is being forced to give up his seat and step down as PM by the opposition party. Warning his opponents of accountability tomorrow as he is held “accountable” today, Nawaz said he had been loyal to the country.

Back in 1998, Pakistan conducted tests soon after India conducted the nuclear tests at Pokhran under the then PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee.