Pak national spouse stranded at airport, unable to return to her Hyderabadi husband

Hyderabad: Tensions between India and Pakistan have turned the world upside down for many Muslim spouses over the past few days since the Pulwama attack and India’s surgical strike response.

The plight of a Pakistani national Sumayra Farooqui along with her two kids stranded in Lahore since February 27, unable to return to her husband from Hyderabad – Shaik Ajaz Mohiuddin.

The Emirates flight that she has booked bounded for India via Dubai had reportedly removed them from the flight on grounds that it would not head to India that day, TOI reports.

Although Sumayra’s NORI (No obligation to return to India) visa was due to expire on March 3 she was not allowed to board the flight.

The wife of an Indian man, Sumayra has a long-term visa to stay in India till October 13, 2019, and has a Pakistan passport valid up till December 10, 2023.

As per the procedures, she had to take a NORI visa after landing in Pakistan. This visa is given for a small period of time and Sumayra had got it for 90 days.

Though she tried to get in touch with the Indian embassy officials, nobody responded to her.

The Indian High Commission in Pakistan did not respond to calls on the helpline for extension of her NORI visa Sumayra’s family stated.

She had to stay in a hotel room provided at the airport by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

According to reports, Sumayra got married to her relative Shaik Ajaz Mohiuddin of Rooplal Bazar, Shalibanda, Hyderabad on October 30, 2011, in Karachi, Pakistan.

She also visited India after six months of her marriage and has a Pakistan passport valid till December 10, 2023 which enables her to live in India.

Sumayra’s two children were born in India and hold Indian passports like their father.

She had to leave for Karachi with her two children on December 4, 2018 to see her ailing father Shaik Junaid Mohiuddin Farooqi who was critical is now not allowed to return.

Sumayra’s mother-in-law Waheed Unnisa Begum has written to external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj seeking help for Sumayra’s return to India.