Pak minister demands apology from Mohenjo Daro makers for ‘distorting historical facts’

Karachi :A Pakistani minister has demanded an apology from the makers of Indian film “Mohenjo Daro” for “distorting” historical facts and “making a mockery” of the highly-developed 5000-year-old civilisation.

Sardar Ali Shah, Sindh Minister for Culture, Tourism and Antiquities, said he would soon communicate Sindh’s reaction and objections to Bollywood filmmaker Ashutosh Gowariker who, he said, misled people through his movie “Mohenjo Daro”, which was released on August 12.

He said Gowariker should tender apology to Sindhi people for distorting historical facts and making a mockery of highly developed culture of the 5000-year-old civilisation, Dawn reported.

Shah said the movie depicted Harappan War and recovery of levy which were nothing but figments of imagination of filmmakers and had nothing to do with history of Moenjodaro.

He said the world has widely acknowledged the importance of the heritage sites of Sindh, which was evident from the fact that Moenjodaro has been included in the list of international heritage sites by the UNESCO.
“Mohenjo Daro” film was written and directed by Gowariker. It features Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Hegde in the lead roles.

Mohenjodaro is an ancient Indus Valley Civilisation city that flourished between 2600 and 1900 BC. The site, which lies in Pakistan’s Sindh province, was discovered in the 1920s.