Pak minister calls for better ways to curb terror financing

Pakistan’s Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan today expressed his dissatisfaction over the existing mechanisms in the country to track down terror financing and asked officials to devise fool-proof strategies to curb them.

During a high-level meeting with officials from Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), National Counter-Terrorisms Authority (NACTA) and other institutions, Khan discussed ways to better control the resources accessed by terrorists.

Khan directed the officials to come up with fool-proof strategy to tackle terror financing, officials said. He stressed the need for enhancing cooperation between the FIA and State Bank of in this regard.

“The required objectives under existing financial monitoring unit and SBP could not be achieved,” Khan said.

FIA authorities briefed him about the steps taken to stop funding for militants. They also shared information about the suspected bank accounts and informed him that investigations are underway to identify the individuals involved.

Khan said the war against terrorists is difficult but it is not impossible to win and the government is determined to wipe them out at all costs.

Controlling the financing for militant outfits is part of the National Action Plan (NAP), which was adopted at the start of the year to eliminate militancy from the country.

Earlier last week, Pakistan’s military leadership asked the federal and provincial governments to put in place measures necessary to stop money from falling into the hands of terrorists.