Pak should conduct referendum to check if its citizens want to be a part of India: Rajnath

HARIDWAR: Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday said that a referendum must be conducted in Pakistan to check whether their citizens want to remain there or want to merge with India.

Singh also asserted that Kashmir was always with India and will remain a part of it.

“Now Pakistan wants referendum on Kashmir but one thing is clear that Kashmir was with India and will be with India and no power can change that. There should instead be a referendum in Pakistan, asking whether its people want to remain in the same country or want to merge with India,” he said while addressing a public rally in Haridwar.

Singh blamed Pakistan for the worsening of bilateral relations between the two countries and said, “I want to tell this to Pakistan that India always want to establish peaceful relations but it was only Islamabad which has tried to disrupt the relationship. They need to stop these terrorists and those who are asking for referendum on Kashmir.”

“We want peaceful relations with Pakistan but time and again Pakistan is responsible for notorious activities,” he added.

The Union Minister also brought out the country’s vision and its stand in the present day world order, where he stressed on the fact that India is no longer a soft nation.

“Through surgical strikes, we have showed the world that even we can take strong action. India is a peace loving country but however, it is no longer a soft nation,” he added.

Singh also warned the countries conspiring against India saying,” If somebody touches us then we will not spare them.”