Pak. army takes over operation ‘Zarb-i-Aahan’ in Punjab’s Rajanpur

Lahore : Pakistan Army has taken charge of the ground and aerial offensive in Punjab’s Rajanpur against the notorious Chottu gang announced the military’s media wing, ISPR, on Saturday.

Director General of Inter-Services Public Relations Lieutenant General Asim Bajwa announced on Twitter that army troops have been deployed in the Kacha areas and have taken charge of Operation ‘Zarb-i-Aahan’.

“Army troops deployed. Take over charge of op. Cordon reinforced, Police & Rangers already in op will cont to participate under Army. Whatever resources required, will be employed to accomplish mission. Updated Info about op will be shared regularly,” he tweeted.

The army formally launched the grand operation against hardened criminals on Friday and also resorted to shelling at their hideouts in the troubled riverine area of Rajanpur district.

A senior security official said that Helicopter gunships were used to hit suspected positions and bunkers set up by criminals affiliated with the Chotoo gang, reports Dawn.

Meanwhile, the army has imposed curfew in some areas from dusk-to-dawn i.e from 6 p m to 6 a m. (ANI)