to increase headcount of women employees to 33 percent by March 2020

Gurugram: India’s largest online marketplace for financial products, announced today that it would increase its representation of women employees to 33% by end of the financial year 2019-20. Currently, 23% of’s 3083 employees are women.

“Financial services, as an industry, generally has a low representation of women. But, we have often found women employees to be more productive, efficient and organized. Over the next few months, we would be hiring aggressively to attract best women talent across the country, for technology, product, sales, analytics, and marketing,” said Naveen Kukreja, CEO & Co-founder,

One of’s goals, as an organization, is to employ a diverse and empowered workforce, which is completely aligned to the organization’s culture and values. Hiring more women, says, will also be key in meeting its business objectives.

“Women employees have a natural knack of strategizing and bringing on board a more balanced and diverse viewpoint.

They also come with inherent commitment, integrity, and empathy – qualities which we look for as a customer-facing business. As we look to strengthen our market leadership next year, we are confident our women employees will be one of our biggest assets in this journey,” said Radhika Binani, Chief Product Officer,

One of the key areas that will be focussing on under this initiative would be to hire women who have taken long conscious breaks in their professional lives, due to family or other personal reasons.

“Usually, women perform exceeding well in academics and in the initial phases of their professional lives. But due to family and personal reasons, many of them drop off. is welcoming these talented women and giving hem an equal opportunity to once again excel in their careers,” added Radhika Binani.

To attract and retain women employees, has introduced several women-friendly initiatives aimed at
their personal and professional development, along with enhancing their work-life balance.

“From supporting young mothers, through industry-best maternity and super-normal leave policy, heavily discounted facilities at 200+ creches and playschools, creating special L&D initiative, building an internal women’s leadership system, providing safe and harassment-free workplace through strong anti-discrimination policy and grievance redressal system, is committed to create a friendly support system for all its women employees. We have found these initiatives have genuinely helped control attrition and retain our best talent,” said Shambhavi Solanki, Head, Human Resources, is planning large scale recruitment drives for women in the next financial year. While its hiring policy will continue to be based on equal opportunity and merit, would be conducting campus recruitment camps in women’s colleges to reach out to prospective women employees and groom them over the next few years. This story is provided by NewsVoir.