Pain that won her Mrs India Earth 2018 Title

New Delhi: “That date is etched in my memory. It was 12-12-12,” said Aditi Singh winner of the ‘Mrs. India Earth’, 2018 as she recalled what motivated her to achieve a higher goal in life. Singh’s life came crashing down when her husband, an Army officer met with a serious accident on this date.

She has set an example for everyone, by using the pain to achieve something for herself. Winning the title of ‘Mrs. India Earth’, 2018′, it was just another step in the direction of her ambitious future plans. Aditi plans to get enough trees planted to offset the negative effect of cutting trees.

“I can say that it is all a matter of perspective. Difficulties have a numbing effect but they also test our every nerve and sinew which metamorphoses us into a better being. I am an example of it,” Aditi Singh told ANI.

Aditi is married to an Army Officer who is currently posted on anti-terrorist duty. Her husband was posted to fight insurgents in Northeast and while travelling to one of his destinations he met with a serious accident. The accident left severe injuries on his head and broken bones. The impact was so serious that he was kept in Intensive Care and observation for 17 days.

Daughter of an Army officer, Aditi was raised in a secure environment. “I was brought up in a secure environment and with a lot of pampering from my parents and here my life was falling apart. I was totally lost. I had to look after my six-year-old child and my husband was in the hospital. I did not know what was going on in my life. I had never been inundated with so much of pain,” she said.

Those 17 days acted as a force to break the mental cocoon which existed and propelled her to use her time in self-actualisation for higher goals. Aditi has been an educationist and is at present Principal of a famous school in Gurugram.

While the entire unit to which her husband belongs rose to support the family, she was getting determined in her resolve to now utilise her time ahead for welfare work. Aditi said, “The Units in Army are like a family. The entire organisation stood by us in that period of great difficulty. People in the Unit did not have food for the first two days.

They prayed for my husband. While I was under big stress for the 17 days, the cumulative prayers and wishes made the difference. I have that all positive energy with me and on realising how unpredictable life is I was determined to utilizing my time to make a difference.”

“I had that wish to get into modelling but parents nudged me into academics as I was doing well academically. But, the wish never died. I thought of organising it all in order to achieve the higher goal. I discussed the plan to contest the Mrs India pageant of 2018. There was a long-term plan in my mind,” she added.

Singh further revealed that her family immediately affirmed the idea and her child was a big motivator. And, she was making a move to gain fame so that she can utilise it for her plan. She found her icon in her husband, who not only came back with full zeal but also worked to complete Defence Services Staff College, very prestigious course of Army. “His support was indispensable for me,” said Aditi.

Aditi has been conducting plantation drives. When her husband got posted to Kashmir she motivated people for one such drive and urged everyone to grow 5000 plants. She also has organised mass plantation in Delhi.

Singh competed with 49 other contestants from all across India and bagged the crown of ‘Mrs. India Earth’, 2018′. The question round made the difference when a judge asked about her future plans to save the planet earth. While replying to Panel Judge Miss Claudea, she answered, “This title will give me recognition and thus I shall be able to reach a larger number of people I can sit with management and plan strategies. Thus, tree plantation will be one of the parts of my strategies.”

She has been part of three Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and has been principal for five years. While she is able to take her message to the children who are the future of our country, she has been planting trees with the help of NGOs.

Aditi, while overwhelmed with pain and uncertainty, kept her cool as she had the unstinted support of the Army. It served as a stimulus to her to utilise the courage, strength and motivation gained out of her difficult time to make a difference. And, providence ensured that her wish was fulfilled. “It is a long journey and I have to continue with my work on tree plantation and shaping the children in order to make the earth a better place,” she said. With her determination, Aditi Singh can make the difference.