Padmavati: Nationalism means different things to different people, says Shabana Azmi

New Delhi: Talking during a panel discussion at the Times Lit Fest in Delhi, veteran actress Shabana Azmi said that the word ‘nationalism’ means differently to different people.

Padmavati controversy has become a hot topic recently, where words like ‘nationalism’ and ‘patriotism’ are taking a whole new turn.

In reply to a question about how she defined nationalism, she said: “Nationalism as a word means different things to different people… Culture and arts become the first weapon of attack because a country’s image of herself is defined by what her culture represents,” TOI reported.

Referring to the severe attacks and threats on Padmavati’s cast and makers, Shabana said: “There have been these consistent attacks. Criticism is fine. Dissent is fine. To say that you disagree completely with notions is fine. What is not fine is threats of death, killing people, dismembering them, burning them alive, as is being seen with the threats to Deepika Padukone. As an actress, as a colleague, as a member of the film industry, I think it has never been as bad as it is today.”