A.P. Wakf Board demands Rs. 70 crore from Telangana Wakf Board

Hyderabad: A conflict has arisen between the Wakf Boards of A.P. and Telangana on the issue of payment of Rs. 70 crore to A.P. Wakf Board by Telangana Wakf Board. It is reported that due to paucity of funds, A.P. Wakf Board is not in a position to pay salaries to its staff. If this situation continuous A.P. Wakf Board might approach High Court.

At the time of bifurcation of the State, clear guidelines were included for the distribution of assets but due to the lethargy of the officials of Telangana Wakf Board, those guidelines were not followed.

The surprising thing is that there is a fix deposit of Rs. 40 crore. This belongs to the income generated from A.P. Wakf properties. Even this amount is not being transport to A.P. It is reported that there is a majority of A.P. employees in Telangana Wakf Board and they are not willing to shift to A.P.

It is reported that amounts of A.P. Wakf Board were spent for the purchase of open land on either side of Hajj House. For payment of Rs. 18 crore for the construction of complex Rs. 5 crore was tapped from A.P. As per the bifurcation guidelines Telangana Wakf Board has to return Rs. 23 crore with interest to A.P. Wakf Board. In case of shifting of Minority institution of A.P. from Hajj House, Rs. 3 crore has to be paid.

Mr. Shaik Mohammed Iqbal, IPS, Commissioner of Minorities Welfare of A.P. negotiated with Mr. Syed Omer Jaleel, IAS, Secretary, Dept. of Minorities Welfare but the division of financial matters could not be resolved.

–Siasat News