P Sudhakar Reddy slams KCR for his volte face on GST

Hyderabad: Finding fault with the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, who extended his support to GST very first than anybody in the nation to please Prime Minister Narendra Modi, for criticizing Centre now, Congress MLC Ponguleti Sudhakar Reddy alleged that the center prepared GST by not considering middle class and poor.
Speaking to the media here on Sunday, Sudhakar Reddy said that the Congress said since beginning what KCR was now saying. The NDA government imposed huge amounts of taxes on the people of nation, he pointed out. Reminding that KCR found fault with the Congress MLAs and MLCs when they criticized Prime Minister in the Legislative Assembly and Council, Ponguleti said that KCR now criticizing the same subject. KCR was an opportunistic politician and enacting dramas stating that TRS government was extending support to NDA government based on issues, he slammed.
It was not correct to KCR to think unilaterally and the justice will not be different to ruling party and opposition parties, he said. The Chief Minister was not in a position to listen to the cries of Polavaram project submergence victims and he was not in a position to listen that the Bhdarachalam would merge in Polavaram back waters, he alleged. The government was not in a position to consider the hunger strike of former MP Ponnam Prabhkar demanding Medical College.
The government was telling something and doing differently on drugs issue, he alleged and said that the efforts were on to protect big wigs in the film industry. He demanded the government to consider the persons using drugs as culprits and asked KCR to work for the sake of people keeping his personal agenda aside. (NSS)