P J Kurien pitches for compulsory yoga in schools

Jaipur: Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman P J Kurien today pitched for making yoga a compulsory subject in schools across the country as he said the practice helps in holistic development of one’s personality.

He made the remark at the 80th anniversary celebrations of Prajapita Brhamkumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, a spiritual non-government organisation (NGO), at its headquarters here on Abu Road in Sirohi district of Rajasthan.

“As an MP in 2012, I had given a notice to the Rajya Sabha for a resolution to make yoga as a subject in the curriculum of schools. That was in 2012.

“But subsequently I was elected to the post of the deputy chairman of the Rajya Sabha, therefore I did not have the opportunity to move that resolution in the House, i.e. in the list of business,” he told a gathering of thousands of followers of the Brahmakuris sect.

“But I still believe, even now I believe, that yoga should be compulsorily made a subject in the curriculum of the schools and higher schools in the country and that is for the holistic development of the personality of the students,” he added.

The Congress leader from Kerala also heaped praise on the orgainsation for disseminating knowledge about yoga and mediation, an ancient practice that he said is helping people in this “stressful” age.

“The organisation (Brahmakumaris) is engaged in changing people’s perspective from the material to the spiritual and they are using the practice of yoga and meditation which was used by our sages and rishis.

“It is only natural that an organisation established in our country, which is blessed with abundant wisdom and cultural heritage and history, should apply yoga and meditation as a tool to guide an ordinary man to be at peace with himself,” the 75-year-old MP said.

“This is more relevant now when most of the people are leading a stressful life. One’s well-being is not just the well-being of the physical body. The system of healing by the use of yoga and mediation adopted by Brahmakumaris is worthy of emulation by all.”

Citing a quote, he said, “The real growth of a country cannot be measured by the GDP (gross domestic product) but should be measured by GDH (gross domestic happiness).”

“Through yoga and mediation the Brahmakumaris is contributing to the growth of that GDH,” he said, and lauded the NGO chief Dadi Janaki’s contribution in this field.