Ram Temple row: Owaisi takes on Subramainan Swamy

With BJP leaving no stone unturned to communalise the issue of Ram Mandir ahead of the 2017 UP Assembly elections, the Senior BJP leader Subramainan Swamy and AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi on Sunday had a debate at India Today over the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

The debate between the two was moderated by senior journalist. While Swamy repeatedly stressing on the construction of Ram Temple, on the other hand Owaisi said there is no scope for extra-judicial method of constructing the temple while the case is still pending in the Supreme Court.

Lashing out at Swamy, Owaisi said when the matter is in the Supreme Court, let the apex court decide it based on the evidence available in front of it. Owaisi termed the temple politics as a clear cut hypocrisy of all the Hindutva forces.

However, Swamy reacts to Owaisi’s words saying that “I am not pre-judging it, I am making a forecast. That the Supreme Court will decide in my favour. I did it when 2G scam was in the air. I said Raja will go to jail. I said it when the Natraj Temple was taken over by the government. These are my estimates on the basis of the evidence and the Allahabad High Court judgment”.