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Owaisi should be put under surveillance: Congress

Owaisi should be put under surveillance: Congress

New Delhi : Cautioning the Centre and various state governments to monitor Asaduddin Owaisi’s activities, the Congress Party on Monday alleged the AIMIM president’s intention is to garner votes for his party, adding that he could go to any limit to achieve the same.

“Owaisi has been part of that divide and gain vote. I think he must be put under surveillance because his activities are something which needs to be closely observed,” Congress leader Tom Vaddakan told ANI.

He further stated that Owaisi in his objective to garner votes would walk that extra mile and create situation where there will be divide, riots and disturbances.

“I think Owaisi should be under scanner by the Central Government, the state governments, wherever he travels and find out what is he up to,” he added.

A complaint was today lodged with the Hyderabad Police against Owaisi over his statement that he would provide legal help to the terror suspects arrested by the NIA.

K. Karuna Sagar, a practicing advocate, filed the complaint with the Saroor Nagar Police Station in Cyberabad.

In the complaint filed under the subject ‘complaint against Hyderabad MP Assaduddin Owaisi for his inflammatory remarks boosting the morale of anti-nationals’, it is said, “the stand of Owaisi is giving oxygen to terrorist and that he is seen as standing with extremists.”

“Owasis is directly or indirectly helping the ISIS which had come up with a video in which it threatened to target India. This is betrayal of the country,” the complaint added.

Owaisi earlier on Friday said that his party would provide legal help to the youth arrested by the NIA on charges of involvement in an alleged ISIS terror module. (ANI)