Owaisi become a puppet in TRS hands: Ali

Hyderabad: Leader of the Opposition in the Council Mohammed Ali Shabbir today said, “the lust for power had driven the MIM Chief Assaduddin Owaisi to become a rubber stamp and puppet of the TRS government even at cost of Minority welfare and rights of minorities. By supporting TRS, Owaisi was by default supporting the BJP, he added

In a pressnote here today, Shabbir said the MIM chief was “blindly” supporting the TRS government and Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao in spite of unfulfilled promises of 12% quota and illusionary budget allocations for minority welfare. He also said the MIM was supporting KCR in land deals and mortgaged interests of the Muslim community for his personal and family welfare.

Shabbir said MIM was supporting the TRS which was hand in gloves with Modi and the BJP. KCR supported demonetization, GST, Vote for President and Vice-President candidaes, absence in no-confidence motion moved by Opposition parties. He also said the recent media interview of Owaisi has exposed his hidden agenda to support the TRS-BJP combine in the 2019 polls. ‘Owaisi has walked out of the secular front of UPA in pursuit of his personal agenda and become a puppet in the hands of KCR.

He also charged that Owaisi had indirectly supported the BJP regime by way of vote splitting of Muslim community in Maharashtra, UP, Bihar and Karnataka. ‘Perhaps Owaisi plans to do the same in Telangana as well, as a vote to KCR is Vote to BJP’. He said the people of Telangana should defeat the designs and back door entry of BJP through TRS and MIM.