‘Overwhelmed’ by ‘Secret Superstar’ success in China: Aamir

Beijing: Aamir Khan on Tuesday said he was “overwhelmed” by the success of his movie “Secret Superstar” in China.

Aamir is in Beijing to promote “Secret Superstar,” which has already grossed over Rs 200 crore within five days of its release.

The revenue is way more than the 89 crore it earned in India last year.

In an interaction with his fans at Beijing, Aamir said that while making a film he never thinks about how many people will watch it.

“If you tell a story of your own neighbourhood, your street perhaps, perhaps that will interest the world audience more,” said Aamir, who is already a popular movie star in China.

“The more inward you go, the more you interest people from all over the world. That’s what I believe in because people like to see different cultures and stories of different characters from different parts of the world,” he added.

In “Secret Superstar”, a teenage girl dreams of becoming a singer and fulfils her dreams by keeping her identity hidden as her father is against her wishes.

The movie has already broken the opening day Chinese box office record of “Dangal”, which earned a staggering $190 million in China.