Overseas Scholarship: applications verified by unqualified persons

Due to staff crunch in Minority Welfare Department Hyderabad, services of 9 employees of Hajj Committee have been engaged temporarily. At first they were given the work of verifying applications of ‘Shaadi Mubarak’ Scheme afterwards the work was assigned to concerned MROs and RDOs.

Later Hajj Committee workers were assigned the work of verifying applications of Overseas Scholarship Scheme though the workers are totally unaware of the conditions for the scheme. Fair selection cannot be expected from the persons having no knowledge of the conditions of scheme and eligibility criteria. They are supposed to verify the certificates even though they cannot distinguish between original and duplicate certificate. In this situation there is fear of many eligible and deserving candidates getting rejected.

One student complained that one day he received the message regarding approval of application and transfer of amount but the very next day he was informed that his application was rejected.

Siasat news