Overlooking other issues of old city, govt. only taking action against Qazis

Hyderabad: Government’s inattention towards the economic problems of old city has become a reason for disappointment for the people of old city. Recent crackdown against qazis in minority predominated old city area is an attempt to defame old city while no action is being taken to solve the basic problems of the area.
Old city has many other problems apart from minor girls’ marriages that need to be addressed. One such problem is child labour. Children who are drawn to child labor are basically driven because of economic deprivation, lack of schooling and engagement of family for daily needs. Parents don’t afford to educate their children. Even if they send their children to minority residential schools opened by the government, their family faces acute financial crisis because they lose the earning of those children.
Organizations working for eradication of child labor feel that along with arrangement of education for children, business opportunities should also be provided to the parents and guardians of such children to free the society from the evil of child labour.
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