Overall crime down by 8 per cent in Hyderabad during 2016

Hyderabad: There is a reduction of 8 per cent in overall crime registered in Hyderabad city during 2016 as against last year, according to police.

As per Hyderabad Police Commissioner M Mahendar Reddy, the number of cases registered during the current year is 17,403 as against 18,869 reported cases in 2015.

A comparison of the crime for this year with that of 2015 shows that the grave crime rate came down significantly by 31 per cent which is 550 cases registered in 2016 as compared to 796 grave cases in last year, Reddy told reporters here today.

The overall crime against women reduced by 12 per cent with 1595 cases reported this year as compared to 1794 last year, however, rape cases rose to 161 in 2016 as against 115 registered last year.

“In 158 rape cases out of the 161, offenders are known to victims. Of the 161 rape cases, 81 cases are of rape out of marriage and love affairs, 7 are incest rape, 13 are by relatives, 41 rapes are by neighbors and locality people, 16 rapes are by other known persons and the remaining 3 are by unknown person to victims,” the Hyderabad Police Chief said.

With regard to cyber crimes, 282 cases were reported during the year as against 370 last year, resulting in 24 per cent reduction, he said.

There is a 16 per cent reduction in property crime with 3638 cases reported this year as against 4340 in 2015, Reddy said adding murder cases decreased by 25 per cent with 77 such cases reported this year as against 103 last year.

The drive against drugs/psychotropic substances saw registration of 55 cases up from 26 last year in which 180 and 81 persons respectively were involved.

The top cop said decrease in crime rate is attributed to measures: intiation of Preventive Detention (PD) Act against notorious repeated offenders, continuously Criminal Tracking System, Intensive Patrolling, regular cordon and search operations besides installation of community CCTV project, that saw detection of 210 cases through CCTV footages.

As many as 36 persons were arrested in connection with seizure of unaccounted currency totalling Rs 1.16 crore with Rs 94.6 lakh in new currency, Reddy said.

The drunken driving enforcement saw 16,602 cases resulting fine amount of Rs 2.92 crore and imprisonment in 7,017 cases up from 2,940 in last year out of 16,633 cases.