Hyderabad records 800 road accidents this year so far

Hyderabad: A staggering number of road accidents were recorded in Hyderabad between January and April this year. Ninety people were killed and 823 got injured due to 804 road accidents that were reported within the Hyderabad limits.

A report by Times of India quoted the latest data furnished by Hyderabad Traffic Police department, that showed, 12 people were killed in road accidents in April alone. The report further adds that the number of deaths among bike riders was relatively higher at 37%, wherein, over 25 of them suffered the fatality.

“The high number of motorist deaths can be due to using of substandard helmets and ‘not wearing a helmet’ at all,” said CEO of the Indian Federation of Road Safety, Vinod K Kanumala. Moreover, the data suggest that most of the accidents have been caused because of two-wheelers, four-wheelers, three-wheelers and State Road Transport Corporation buses.