Over 50 laser guided bombs dropped by Afghan Air Force: US AFCENT

Kabul: The United States Air Force Central Command (AFCENT), in its recent report, has mentioned that the Afghan Air Force has dropped over 50 laser guided bombs post the first deployment of such a bomb on March 22.

According to Afghan’s news agency Khaama Press, “The recent addition of laser-guided bomb strike capability is huge for the Afghan Air Force,” said US Air Force Lt. Col. Justin Williams, 438th Air Expeditionary Advisor Squadron commander.

“The bombs are built by Afghan ammunitions specialists and loaded onto Afghan planes by Afghan maintainers. This is one example of how the Afghan Air Force is assuming ownership across the board,” said Lt. Col. Williams.

A-29 pilots have advocated about 30 Afghan ground missions with this technology as of May 11, the report said.

An Afghan Air Force A-29 pilot said, “The Taliban like to hide in towns and places where civilians are. The Laser Guided Bomb lets me strike those places without hurting the local people.”

A laser-guided bomb (LGB) is a guided bomb that uses semi-active laser guidance to strike a designated target with greater accuracy in comparison to an unguided bomb.

First developed by the United States during the Vietnam War, laser-guided bombs proved their value in precision strikes of difficult point targets.