Over 2000 devotees reach Midnapore for Maola Pak Urs festival

Midnapore: Continuing the centuries-old tradition, Indo-Bangladesh ‘Urs Special Train’ with 2255 pilgrims on board arrived at Midnapore railway station in West Bengal on Sunday morning.

The devotees of all faiths reach Midnapore to attend the Maola Pak Urs festival held every year to seek blessing from Boro Huzur, a descendant of Boropir Abdul Qadir Jilani, who came to India from Baghdad, Iraq in the 19th century to preach Islam.

“On 15th February night around 10 pm the Midnapore Urs Special train departed and reached Midnapore today morning at 6:30 am. With us total 2255 passengers came here,” said station manager T. K. Das.

As a precautionary measure, security around the railway station has been beefed up.