Over 10,000 participate in She Teams Run

Hyderabad: The She Teams Hyderabad City police – She Team Run (10K, 5K & 2K) created a record of sorts unparalleled by any event of this nature and stature with a turnout of about 10000 participants.

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The People’s Plaza at Necklace road was geared so much in advance that at 4 AM when the first of the organizers and Teams were reaching. It looked like that the venue was already expecting huge participation and that it was going to be a Big Affair today. With the day still to crack at around 5:45 Am as the crowd was swelling up Shikha Goel, Addl. Commissioner of Police, Crimes & SIT, Hyderabad City, along with Shezzi from Radio Mirchi, our “Voice of the Run” decided to engage people and let them enjoy the early hours and started the stage activation. This followed by the fantastic warm-up round by Vitamin F3 and people were all engrossed in the pre-event programs.

The arrival of Anjani Kumar, Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad City further enthused the crowd. The presence of Chief Secretary Shailendra Kumar Joshi, DGP M. Mahendar Reddy, Prl. Secretary to Govt. Transport Department, (FAC) Transport Commissioner, Vice-Chairman & Managing Director, Telangana State, Hyderabad, Sunil Sharma, GHMC Commissioner Dana Kishore, was very encouraging and heartening. Sharp at 6.15 AM, Chief Guest, Governor of Telangana & A.P. E.S.L. Narasimhan arrived, at the venue. With Sports personalities and celebrities like Pooja Hegde, Aruna Reddy, Niharika and Rahul Vijay and not to forget our very own special heroes on the wheelchairs and para-runners, the number of people by this time had already swelled to 8500 and the ground was looking like a sea with the beautiful Blue of the T-shirts for the run.

The messages by the dignitaries galvanized the participants who had gathered to show their solidarity for the cause of women’s empowerment. Anjani Kumar reaffirmed the commitment of Hyderabad City Police to make Hyderabad as the world’s safest city for women. DGP Mahender Reddy, while thanking the people for turning out in large number for the run, praised the outstanding work being done by She Teams, Hyderabad. Shailendra Kumar Joshi greeted the participants and encouraged them to run for this noble cause.

Governor Narasimhan congratulated the participants for standing up to the cause of women safety and exhorted them to give the slogans “He or She – you are with me” and “Her safety; his safety is our safety”. He assured the citizens of Telangana that all of them are completely secure in the state.

The National Anthem played by the Police Band sounded the bugle for the event. At 6.30 AM as per the exact schedule, the first run – 10k run flag off was beautifully set up with an impressive cavalcade of the police mounted unit & the Police Band playing motivational tracks. As the Flags were raised for the 10 K runners the TIMER MATS were activated for the RFID Embedded BIB runners to automatically record their start timing. This was followed by the 5k and 2k in equal time gaps of 5 minutes each. All the 3 runs were flagged off by the Governor in august presence of other dignitaries and celebrities.

The three routes were very well provided for with Water, energy drinks, medical emergencies for the runners in case of any requirements. The runners were assisted in the routes with Km markers, signages, proper traffic control, as well as live bands from the Police department entertaining them as they crossed the routes in 3 places. The first of the runners reached the venue and slowly all the runners started gathering back. As they gathered, they collect a small box of refreshments and juice. At around 8 AM in the morning the prize distribution was initiated and 6 members who were winners in 10K category chosen as per the timer mats and technical timing data were honored.

The post-run relaxation was done by Vitamin F3 exercise. All the organizers and Sponsors were called on stage honored and thanked personally by the DGP and CP, Hyderabad. The event was a grand success.